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iCarly iHalfoween fotky

5. května 2012 v 9:00 | Petruš |  Novinky
--------------------------------TENTO ČLÁNEK JE PŘEDNASTAVENÝ------------------------------
Já jsem úplně zapomněla na fotky z té nové epizody iCarly-->iHalfoween. :)
Takže tady jsou, a doufám, že se líbí.
Busy Bees|These bug beauties are enjoying the spooktacular refreshments courtesy of iCarly productions.
Purple Power|Nathan made a really elaborate costume for the elaborate, we're not entirely sure what it is!Robot Friendship|Looks like Jerry didn't wanna be out-botted, so he brought a high-tech costume of his own!
Return of Reed|Removing Nathan's robot head probably isn't the only prank Reed Alexander will be pulling as the villanious Nevel!Spooky Set|iCarly got a haunted Halfoween makeover for the newest episode!
Hide and Seek?|If she's trying to scare someone, she should prob find a better hiding spot!Sushi Stance|Seafood might not be what you're craving on Halfoween, but this sushi costume is cute enough to eat up!Scare Tactics|Though gardening gloves and plaid are a scary choice of outfit, they're not quite scary enough to frighten these chicks.All Tied Up|Now that looks scary! Luckily there's a pool of adorable stuffed animals to catch his fall.
Group Shot|The gang brings it in for a costume shot!Lewbert Likeness|In case you were wondering, that's absolutely a Lewbert costume, wart n' all!Hanging Around|Noah is def dedicated to bringing the fright on Halfoween, because that looks pretty scary!Halfoween Team|Don't miss this fright-filled episode of iCarly to prepare for your own Halfoween festivities!Party Time!|So what if Halloween is still half a year away?! It's a holiday so nice, we're celebrating it twice.Freaky Treats|Mmmm, those cookies look scary, but still good enough to eat!LollyPot|Reach your hand into the tarantula-cauldron if you dare!! For lollies like that, we totally dare.Costume Time|Umm Jennette, it's called HAND soap, not hat soap!Super in Silver|Noah Munck decided to bring some heroism to Halfoween! Wonder if that 'A' stands for aluminum?

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


Freddie vs. Spencer

Freddie 62.5% (35)
Spencer 37.5% (21)

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